What tectonic plates form the boundary near the appalachian mountains

2. The collision of one continental plate with another may produce a. oceans. b. mountains. 3. New ocean crust is formed at a a. rift valley. b. mid-ocean ridge. 4. A rift valley can form where two continental plates are a. moving apart. b. colliding. 5. Where Earth's plates move, they may slide alongside one another, pull apart, or a. collide ...

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29. Some of the plates are composed mostly of oceanic crust while others consist of both continents and ocean basins. These plates tend to be _____ than the oceanic plates. 30. According to the plate tectonic model each plate moves as a distinct unit. The distances between locations on the same plate remain _____, while the distances

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Explore how plate tectonics affect our planet. It may seem like the Rocky Mountains have been there forever, but these mountains are very young compared to the age of Earth. In the history of our planet, mountain chains like the Rockies have risen and worn away many times. Mountains form where two ... What type of plate boundaries occurs or did occur at the following locations: Japan, the Alps, Appalachian Mountains, Iceland, Himalayan Mountains, Andes Mountains, Aleutian Islands, East African Rift Zone, Mid Ocean Ridge, Cascade Mountains, Hawaii, Yellowstone, San Andreas Fault, Red Sea,, and the Caribbean Islands? Spectacular mountains result from the collision of continental crust as tectonic plates collide, buckling and bunching continental crust along their impinging plate margins. This movement is slow-- only a few centimeters a year, but these forces are so powerful that some of the largest mountains in the the world were created by this process.

Fold mountains take shape when two tectonic plates collide at a convergent plate boundary the planet's crust is subjected to immense forces. Finally mountains can form where major faults cause rotation or overthrusting, not necessarily at a plate boundary, I'm thinking of the East Africa Rift Valley.4. Explain the theory of plate tectonics. 5. Compare & contrast the 2 types of plate boundaries and the features, location, & direction of movement of each. (Features include: subduction, trenches, ridges, mountains, islands). ES Ch 17 Plate Tectonics 3 11/9/2017 Objectives Continued 6. Explain the process of convection. 7.

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