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How to rotate an object around X and Y axis with mouse input but restrict its rotation around Z axis using quaternions ? I am new to unity3D and game development in general. I am trying to build a battle tank 3D game and I have run into what I think is the gimbal lock problem.

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Some optimisations to early out were added if a separating axis is found early in the calculations. To extend to more complex shapes, the number of axes to check needs to increase as well. Useage. This is a simple Unity project. Run in the editor and drag the cubes around. When they intersect from movement, rotation or scaling they will turn red. Basic rotations. A basic rotation (also called elemental rotation) is a rotation about one of the axes of a coordinate system. The following three basic rotation matrices rotate vectors by an angle θ about the x-, y-, or z-axis, in three dimensions, using the right-hand rule—which codifies their alternating signs. Usually, to rotate a point (x,y) around (0,0) in a plane, x' = x * sin theta + y * cos theta y' = x * cos theta - y * sin theta Theta is your angle, and x,y are the coordinates in the plane in which you are rotating (the one perpendicular to your axis). The coordinate along the axis of rotation is left unchanged.

This results in a rotation around the Z-Axis. When I release the mouse, the Rotation panel shows, under Constraint Axis, the Z-Axis is checked. If, instead, I click on the outer white circle, uncheck the Z-axis constraint, check the X-Axis constraint, then drag on the red circle (who’s axis is parallel to the X-axis), the cube is rotated ... Unity Rotate Around Another Object

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