Melting point of fats and oils

The fats and oils do not exhibit sharp melting point as these are blends of triglycerides and each triglyceride has its own melting point, yet slip melting point (SMP) provides the information about the melting point. The SMP is defined as the temperature at which a sample rises in an open capillary upon heating under defined conditions. WITEPSOL H 35 melting point 33.5–35.5 °C OHV = max. 3 WITEPSOL H 5 melting point 34–36 °C OHV = max. 5 WITEPSOL H 15 melting point 33.5–35.5 °C OHV = 5–15 Compounds for suspension suppositories and lipophilic active compounds; for melting point correction WITEPSOL H 37 melting point 36–38 °C OHV = max. 3

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An answer to the question: What's the melting point of steel? There has been one misrepresentation that has come from that. Many sites refer to the difference in the melting point of steel and the burning temperature of jet fuel as proof that the World Trade Center could not have...

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For commercial use fats are differentiated into hard fats and oils. Oils are those fats which are liquid at room temperature of 20°C. This is because they have low melting point, e.g., groundnut (peanut) oil, cotton seed oil, rape seed oil, mustard oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, etc. The low melting property is actually the ... Intermolecular forces are weaker. Less energy needed to separate molecules - lower melting point. Converting oil to fat. Most natural oils need processing to make them fit for use. Hydrogenation of unsaturated oils - make margarine. Controlled hydrogenation makes oils more solid. Pass H2 through heated oil - nickel catalyst.

The melting point is determined by the length of the hydrocarbon chain. The longer the chain, the higher the melting point. A fatty acid with a melting point below room temperature is known as a liquid oil. A fatty acid with a melting point above room temperature is known as a solid fat. Melting Point of Fats and Fatty Acids: Melting Point; Oils and Fats/Fats, Oils and Fats/Fatty Acids

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