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Drum brakes work the same way, where brake shoes presses against the drum. Fast facts about brakes and how brakes work: All cars have four brakes - two rear brakes and two front brakes. In most cars, front brakes are primarily responsible for halting your vehicle and provide 60% to 90% of the vehicle's stopping power.

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i bought a 72 buick skylark it has drum brakes when i got it it didnt have any brake shoes or drums on it i need to find out if the long or short brake shoe goes in the front or the back Joe 09-Mar-2014 19:38

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Three common sense tips to make your brake pads and brake service last longer. Brake Servicing 101 - Advice on Making Sure it Gets Done Right. How often should you get brakes serviced? And how can you know the work has been done right? Here’s a primer on figuring out a tricky area in car maintenance. Do I Really Need Brake Service?

The hydraulic system is initiated by pressing the brake pedal which causes two shoes inside a drum to move outwards making contact with the inner surface of the drum, causing resisting friction. The drum is connected to the wheel, so in this instance, results in friction being simulated from the drum to the wheel and causes the vehicle to stop. How long the shoes last depend on the driving conditions and usage. If the e-brake is set and forgotten, the shoes will wear conciderably faster. Master Cylinder low of brake fluid, grinding when the brakes are applied, and long brake pedal travel on a vehicle with brake shoes instead of brake...Once the system is fully flushed and bled, depress the brake pedal. It should have a firm feel when depressing. If it does not, then there is air in the lines and you need to bleed the lines again. Brake fluid does not have a shelf life and does not last long so make sure you do not use old brake fluid that you have had sitting around.

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